Pressgram Launches WordPress-Powered Photo-Sharing App

Everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats for the Pressgram app to be accepted in the app store and today it finally happened. Billed as “An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web”, Pressgram has received some major national attention, given its direct confrontation of the very unpopular policies of Facebook Read More

Coming Soon: Inline Documentation For All WordPress Hooks

Something exciting is happening in the world of WordPress documentation. Very soon all of the hooks used throughout the core are going to be documented. An initiative is now underway to bring inline docs for hooks into the upcoming WordPress 3.7 release. I can see some of you jumping up and down and celebrating wildly Read More

7 Surprising Results From The 2013 BuddyPress Codex Survey

The results of the BuddyPress codex survey are in! 178 BuddyPress developers participated in the survey and the information they provided will help the team to prioritize short-term and long-term tasks for improving the BP Codex. Community developers @hnla and @mercime are spearheading the effort to improve the BuddyPress codex for the BP 1.9 release. Read More

Password Free Login With Clef Hits All The High Notes

Recently I have been reviewing a number of wp-admin login alternatives that allow for login via phone. The first among the plugins tested was LaunchKey, which I spoke about in this LaunchKey Review post. Though the functionality of LaunchKey was promising, it seemed to explode on the launching pad when it came to initial setup. Read More

Xanga 2.0 Launches – Powered By WordPress?

It started November 28th, 1999 before was even an idea. It was on this date that Xanga launched an alpha version of their product. Before blogging really took off, there were these things called portals. Portals were websites dedicated to specific topics. To make a long story short, portals were one term used to Read More

This Week On WordPress Weekly – John James Jacoby

On Friday September 13th, John James Jacoby will be our special guest on WordPress Weekly. This will be the first time JJJ has been on the show. We’ll have a ton to talk about such as his recent job change from Automattic to 10UP, his passion for community, and of course, what’s happening with the Read More

Open Source Alternatives to Pressgram

Last week’s big news was the launch of the Pressgram app which allows you to publish filtered photos to your WordPress blog. Soon after the launch, controversy sprung up concerning Pressgram’s terms of service, proprietary license and security. Closer examination of Pressgram’s Terms of Service revealed gaping holes where the notion of owning your own Read More

WordPress 3.6.1 Now Available

WordPress 3.6.1 has been pushed out the door. This release comes 42 days after WordPress 3.6 was made available on August 1st. This is a maintenance package that contains bug and security fixes. You can find more information about this version via the Codex. If you don’t see any upgrade notices now, check again later.

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