StudioPress Sold To Copyblogger?

Not too long ago, Aaron Brazell published an interview with Copybloggers, Brian Clark where he explains the reasons for why he left DIY Themes. In that interview, there was no mention of StudioPress or Brian Gardner in relation to the future for Brian Clark. Fast forward to today and if you take a look at the footer on, you’ll see the following:

© Copyright 2010 Copyblogger Media LLC · StudioPress™ is a trademark of Copyblogger Media LLC

Interesting to say the least. While I don’t know any of the details involving the deal that has gone down, the trademark of StudioPress is now owned by Copyblogger Media LLC which leads me to believe that either some of the assets, the entire company, or a majority of the company has been sold to Brian Clark. Just like you, I’ll have to sit back and wait for the official word on the details involving the deal but it would not surprise me at all if Brian Gardner has sold the company to start a new venture. Brian just seems like the type of guy that has his hands in all sorts of cookie jars and is always experimenting with ideas.

Let the speculation fly.

*Update* – StudioPress has published an official post announcing details of the merger..

Also noteworthy is that the company was NOT sold, but rather merged with other companies to form a new company.

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