Which OpenCamp WordPress Presentation Do You Want To Hear?

In two weeks, I’ll be on a plane heading to Dallas, Texas to take part in OpenCa.mp, the event that brings people from Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal together under one roof. Instead of randomly picking one WordPress specific presentation to record for playback through the WordPress Weekly stream, I’ve decided to you let you pick which one I should record. Just tell me in the comments which presentation or presentations you’d like to hear.

Saturday, August 28th
Stephanie Leary – WordPress Hidden Gems
Jerod Morris – Getting To The Front Page: Make Your Own Breaks
Randy Hoyt – Working With Images In WordPress
Aaron Brazell – To Be Announced
Jonathan Bailey – Share With Out Hurting Copyright
Cali Lewis – Analytics: A Deeper Look At Woopra
Mike Pratt – Transform Your Site With BuddyPress
Scott Ellis – Categories, Tags, Taxonomies

Sunday, August 30th
DB Ferguson – Build Your Colbert Nation
Josh Holmes – Scaling WordPress On Microsoft
Scott Kingsley Clark – Pods CMS
Blair Williams – Supercharge Blog Performance
Lorelle VanFossen – Plugins That Blow Your Mind
Keith Anderson – Future Proofing Content

Please mark your suggestions as Saturday and Sunday as I’ll record a presentation each day.

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