SilverLight Application For Exploring WordPress Hooks

Need help finding the right hook within WordPress? Thanks to, the job of finding that hook just became much easier with a newly developed resource called WordPress Hook Explorer or WHeX. WHeX is an application built on top of Silverlight 4.0 which means you’ll need to have the Silverlight extension installed within your browser to take advantage of the site. With WHeX, you can browse in real-time all of the hooks within WordPress 3.0. For example, if you’re looking for all hooks dealing with comments, simply type in the word comments into the search box and you’re presented with results that show the hooktype, filename where the hook is located, line number, where at in the directory tree the hook is located, hook full text, hook description, usage, and hook ID. The application also has an index for WordPress 2.9.2 but does not go back any farther.

In the future, PressCoders plans to create an out of browser version of WHeX so that users won’t need to have a browser connected to the web to use it. To see WHeX in action, check out the following video.

DGwyer who is one of the creators of WHeX is open to feedback and requests which you can give via the following forum thread.

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