VideoPress Undergoes Major Update

VideoPress has announced a major update to it’s video player. The player has been completely rewritten using the Open Source Media Framework which is MPL-Licensed by Adobe. VideoPress now offers custom skins and partner integrations including stats, Quantcast, and CDN providers. These partner integrations are made simple through the use of OSMF plugins that will enable advertising and analytics built by each potential partner.

The player itself has a few changes as well such as the embed menu being replaced with a Share menu. The videos shortcode and HTML embed snippet are hidden behind a copy to clipboard button. The direct download links have been exposed for videos so you can download them in MP4 (H.264/AAC) and Ogg (Theora/Vorbis) formats. Last but not least, the new flash player supports different languages and if you’re interested in translating the player into even more languages, you can use the VideoPress translation page.

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