Creating A Digital Publication In WordPress With The IssueM Plugin

Issue M LogoBuilt by LewAyotte, Peter Ericson, and Glenn Ansley the recently released open-source plugin known as IssueM provides publishers the opportunity to harness the ease of WordPress to turn their site into an Issue based publication. After taking a look at their showcase, I decided to try out the plugin for myself.

I installed the plugin on my demo test site and had a hard time maneuvering around and getting things setup the way they were supposed to. Out of the box, it’s difficult to know how things are supposed to be setup. I hope in the future, these guys take full advantage of Pointers that were added to the core of WordPress 3.3. I tried reading through their user guide but it only provided slight relief from the head-ache I was getting. I don’t know what it is about this plugin but I found it difficult to use and setup. After watching the following video, it makes a little more sense but not much.

I’m sharing this plugin so you could at least take it for a test drive yourself and report back with your experience. I’d like to know if I’m the only one having trouble getting to grips with this plugin or if others are as well.

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