Pretty WordPress Template Hierarchy Diagram

If there has been one graphical element that has seen some changes over the years, it’s the template hierarchy diagram. The original diagram is located on the Codex and while it provides a graphical representation as to how Templates work within WordPress, it’s not pretty. I remember in 2008 when Michael Castilla took the original concept and simply added some style to it. A few years later, Chip Bennett added detailed information to the diagram. Just last month, Michelle created a colorful version of the diagram.

That brings us to the current day where Rami Abraham has taken Michelle’s colorful design and has not only been given its own domain name, but has also made it interactive.

WordPress Template Hierarchy

The core information remains the same but now if you click on any one of the various parts of the diagram, it will take you to the appropriate Codex page. Between the various diagrams and the Codex, there is no way of not knowing what goes on within the WordPress template process.

Which template hierarchy resource do you find the most useful?

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