iOS 12 Dev Beta 11 & MacOS Mojave Beta 9 Released for Testing

New iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave betas are available

Apple has released iOS 12 developer beta 11, alongside macOS Mojave developer beta 9. While these betas are currently limited to developers, the accompanying public beta versions are also available with slightly different versioning, labeled as iOS 12 public beta 9.

Separately, new beta software updates are available for tvOS and watchOS as well, both also labeled as developer beta 9.

iOS 12 developer beta 11 and public beta 9 share the same build of 16A5365b and can be downloaded right now from the “Settings” app Software Update mechanism on any iPhone or iPad running a beta iOS release.

iOS 12 developer beta 11

The iOS 12 public beta 9 release is also available, sharing the same build number as dev beta 11.

iOS 12 public beta 9

macOS Mojave beta 9 can be downloaded now from the “Software Update” control panel found in the System Preferences of MacOS Mojave. MacOS Mojave has relocated the entire system software update mechanism back to System Preferences, where it originally was in most releases of Mac OS X, and away from the Mac App Store. Mac apps downloaded from the Mac App Store will continue to receive updates through the Mac App Store however.

Anyone can enroll in the iOS 12 public beta testing program and the macOS Mojave public beta testing program, though it’s generally only recommended for more advanced users to do so.

Given the accelerating pace of beta releases, it’s reasonable to assume the public release date of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave is arriving soon.

Apple has said they will release iOS 12 and macOS Mojave to the general public this fall. While the precise release date is unknown, it’s largely assumed that Apple will launch iOS 12 and tacos Mojave soon after the unveiling of new iPhone hardware in the coming weeks, with most speculation for that event falling around the week of September 12.


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