MacOS Mojave Beta 3 Download Released for Testing

MacOS Mojave beta 3 is available to download now

Apple has released macOS Mojave 10.14 beta 3 to users participating in the Mac OS system software beta testing program.

Typically the developer beta update arrives before the public beta update, which follows soon after. Often the public beta version is labeled as a version behind the developer beta, even if the release build number is close or the same, thus the equivalent build is macOS Mojave public beta 2.

Mac users currently running macOS Mojave beta can find the latest updated version of beta system software available to download now from the “Software Update” section of the System Preferences app. This may take some getting used to for some users, as system software updates are no longer contained within the Mac App Store, and instead have been returned to the System Preference panel that they once were delivered through some time ago.

MacOS Mojave software update in System Preferences

Installing the beta software update requires the Mac to be restarted, as usual.

Any Mac user can install macOS Mojave public beta now, though doing so is generally not recommended as beta system software is best reserved for advanced users who can install it onto a secondary machine for testing purposes. The only requirement is to have a macOS Mojave compatible Mac, along with a tolerance to running less stable system software than a final release. The developer beta can also be installed by anyone, though gaining access to that developer beta requires an Apple Developer account, whereas the public beta does not require an Apple Developer account.

MacOS Mojave 10.14 brings a variety of new features to the Mac, including a new interface option called Dark Mode which turns the bright white and grey interface appearance into a black and dark grey look, along with various improvements to the Finder and Desktop, and the inclusion of various new apps from the iOS world, like Stocks and Voice Memos.

Separately, Apple has released for download iOS 12 beta 3 along with new betas to tvOS and watchOS.

MacOS Mojave is scheduled to be released this fall.


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