You Can Download iOS 12 Public Beta 1 Now

iOS 12 public beta 1 download available now

Apple has released the first public beta version of iOS 12 to users interested in beta testing the upcoming system software version for the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 12 beta includes a variety of new features, including group FaceTime, Screen Time which allows you to see how and control much time an iOS device gets used, improved Notifications handling, speedier performance, along with many other smaller features, changes, and improvements.

Anyone can enroll any iOS 12 compatible iPhone or iPad in the public beta testing program and choose to download and instal the software, but it’s not without caveats.

Beta system software is most appropriate for more advanced iOS users who are interested in testing and exploring future operating system versions. Generally speaking, beta system software is less stable than what most users are accustomed to, and there could be issues with app compatibility, stability, and performance, amongst other potential hiccups. Always backup your devices before installing any beta software.

If you’re interested in running the iOS 12 public beta on your iPhone or iPad, you can do so by enrolling in the public beta testing program through Apple:

  • Go to the Apple Public Beta site here to enroll a device

After you enroll the eligible device in the public beta testing program and download the iOS 12 public beta profile, the Software Update section of Settings will change to include the iOS 12 public beta download.

iOS 12 public beta download

Be sure to backup any iOS device before installing any software updates, but particularly with beta system software. Aside from potentially preventing permanent data loss, a data backup made from iOS 11 can allow you to downgrade from iOS 12 beta to iOS 11 if you decide you do not want to run the beta system software any longer.

The iOS 12 public beta 1 download appears to be the same version of software as iOS 12 developer beta 2, both carrying the build number 16A5308e, so if you’re already running iOS 12 developer beta then there is no obvious reason to download the public beta.

The final version of iOS 12 is scheduled for release this fall.

Separately, Apple has also released MacOS Mojave public beta to download for Mac users interested in beta testing system software.


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