NBA: Manu Ginobili ‘seriously considering’ retirement, and it may be the last sad step to making Spurs unrecognisable

SOON, the team that put together one of the greatest runs in NBA history may look like a shell of its old self — and it’ll all come down to the call of one player.

Howie KussoyNY PostAugust 23, 201812:42pm

Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan, back in 2014.Source:Getty Images

SOON, Gregg Popovich may have no one left from one of the greatest runs in NBA history.

Having lost Tim Duncan to retirement in 2016, and Tony Parker to free agency in July, the Spurs may soon also be without longtime guard Manu Ginobili.

The 41-year-old is seriously considering retirement, according to an ESPN report, which states that San Antonio’s coach will be meeting with him in the near future to discuss Ginobili’s plans.

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    Ginobili, who was drafted by the Spurs in the second round in 1999 and played for the team since 2002, is still working out at the team’s practice facility and has one year left on his contract. A key part of four NBA championship teams, Ginobili played only 20 minutes per game last season, averaging 9.8 points.

    The Spurs are reportedly hopeful that Ginobili will return, but the two-time All-Star and Olympic gold medallist would be returning to a roster also recently stripped of Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green.

    The next time the Spurs take the court, they may be unrecognisable.

    This story originally appeared in the NY Post

    Originally published as NBA dynasty on brink of being unrecognisable


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