Troubled peripherals firm Mad Catz might be back

Troubled peripherals firm Mad Catz might be back

Troubled peripherals firm Mad Catz might be back

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Mad Catz Interactive

December 20th, 2017 – 04:45pm
By Alex Calvin, Editor – PC Games Insider

After going bankrupt earlier this year, it would seem that Mad Catz might be making a return at the start of 2018.

In a video sent around by LittleBigPR (below), the tech firm is not named, but there’s no mistaking those designs.

We’ve also heard of someone attempting to purchase the Mad Catz name and some of the firm’s assets after its bankruptcy, only to be turned away, suggesting another buyer has indeed been found for the company.

It’s worth noting that one of LittleBig’s founders, Alex Verrey, used to be global head of comms and PR for Mad Catz. The PR firm also reps audio specialist Lucid Sound, which was set up by former Mad Catz execs.

Were we to speculate, Lucid Sound might well have swooped in to purchase the name and assets of the accessories firm. Until now, that’s all we can do. More news will be coming on January 4th, 2018.

The company filed for bankruptcy on March 30th, 2017, after a troubled few years. A sheer lack of focus led to the firm burning away what money it made from the Rock Band series as it attempted a variety of different projects.

Ultimately, the company bet everything on a brand new Rock Band game, which hit shelves in 2015. The title did not sell nearly well enough, with layoffs taking place in March of the next year.

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