Matt Mullenweg Takes On New Role As CEO of Automattic

photo credit: LeWeb 2010
photo credit: LeWeb 2010

After celebrating his 30th birthday this weekend, Matt Mullenweg announced that he has accepted a new role as CEO of Automattic.

Toni Schneider joined Automattic as CEO eight years ago in January 2006 and has helped to expand Automattic’s reach to what he says is close to a billion people each month. But Schneider isn’t saying goodbye. He’s swapping roles with Matt who will now become the new CEO, as Matt announced in his post this morning:

Today we’re announcing publicly that Toni and I are switching jobs — he’s going to focus on some of Automattic’s new products, and I’m going to take on the role of CEO. Internally this isn’t a big change as our roles have always been quite fluid

I asked Matt if the new role would change his relationship and involvement with, but it turns out that it won’t bring too big of a change to his day-to-day. He replied, “No major changes planned, as things are working very well already.” The business of Automattic, which was started to help make WordPress simple to setup and host, is entirely separate from the open source project. Its growth has mirrored the success of the open source software, with WordPress currently powering 21.2% of the web.

Congrats to both Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider on their new positions in Automattic. With their flagship product now ranked 8th for traffic in the US, I’d say the two are working together quite successfully.

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