Here’s why Siri Remote is available only in 8 countries for the new Apple TV


Out of the box, the new Apple TV supports the Siri Remote in eight different countries, a pale comparison to the vast support that Siri sees in iOS. But, there’s a legitimate reason why this is the case.

According to a report published recently by MacPrime [Google translate], Siri’s integral part of the new Apple TV, and the voice search therein, is why the company had to focus so sharply on only a select number of supported countries right from the start. Specifically, Siri’s pronunciation of movie titles, actors, directors, and more was crucial to the performance of the new Apple TV, and Siri has to learn all of those things through pronunciation training.

It’s no secret that names, titles, and a lot of different things are pronounced quite differently from region to region, even in areas where the same language is spoken, so Siri has to learn all of the crucial differences to make sure that the experience is the best it can be.

“The explanation: Siri on Apple TV is different in large parts of Siri on iOS. The voice control of the set-top box Apple had to put a special focus on television and film content. These include in particular film titles and names of actors, directors, producers and the like. Apart from the various translations of movie titles, the pronunciation of titles or name differs depending on the country or region.”

This boils down to Siri being a core element of the new Apple TV, considering voice search is a major marketing bullet point for the new set-top box, so Apple put a ton of focus on making sure that using Siri and the voice search feature was the best it could be. That also meant a limited area of availability out of the gate. After all, using a voice search and getting terrible results, or the feature not working at all based on a misunderstanding in pronunciation would make it not worth using.

As far as support goes for other countries, the report does indicate that that’s in the pipeline, but where support will be rolled out next, or to how many different regions, or just when that update will arrive is still up in the air. At least it’s good to see that Apple does plan on improving Siri’s pronunciation moving forward.

[via MacPrime]


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