Marc Newson expects the Apple Watch to be a game changer like the iPhone in 5 years

Marc Newson and Apple WatchMarc Newson and Apple Watch

There’s no denying that Apple’s iPhone changed the landscape of the mobile market, and according to Apple core designer Marc Newson, the Apple Watch is on the precipice of doing the exact same thing for the wearable market.

In a recent interview with the Australian-based Financial Review, Newson opines on the potential of the Apple Watch, and just what that means for the wearables market as a whole, and the other players in that market. Newson believes that, no mater how you look at the Apple Watch, it’s been a success story for Apple. But, more than that, the Watch will lead to even better things down the road:

“As far as I’m aware, it’s been enormously successful however you gauge it. The point is, it’s the beginning of something. I think people, consumers or analysts, whoever, are so impatient. Everyone wants immediate, instant recognition, instant understanding.”

The future is bright for the Watch as far as Newson is concerned, and he even compares the wearable to Apple’s bread-and-butter, the iPhone. Specifically, Newson reflects on the game-changer that the iPhone was all those years ago (and continues to be), and says that the Watch, in five years’ time, will do the exact same thing for its own segment in the technology industry:

“Look at the iPhone: it was a game-changing thing. And I believe that this product – for many, many reasons people are not aware of because they haven’t thought ahead or they just don’t know – will become a similarly game-changing thing. In five years’ time I have absolutely no doubt this will be right up there.”

Newson has never been shy to talk up the Apple Watch, so this basically falls right in line with his views on the device over the past several months. What do you think of his estimations for the Apple Watch?

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