Tony Fadell and Steve Jobs toyed with the idea of Apple making a car in 2008

image Apple Car concept4image Apple Car concept4

Tony Fadell, the former senior executive at Apple and Nest founder, has revealed in an interview that Steve Jobs and him had trifled with the idea of building a car as far back in 2008.

He says in the interview that both of them considered how the dashboard on the car would look and how its seats would be like.

“We had a couple walks, and this was in 2008, about if we were to build a car, what would we build? What would a dashboard be? What would seats be? How would you fuel or power it?” he says.

In the end, Jobs shot down the idea for good by saying that everyone in the company was so busy and they were short on resources and engineering power.

Fadell’s revelation comes when numerous reports and rumors indicate that Apple is working on its own self-driving electric car, which it plans to ship in 2019. With the company having billions of dollars in its bank account, it is now no longer constrained by its resources and has been hiring and poaching experts from the automobile industry to work for it.

The electric car industry is still in its nascent stages, with only Tesla coming out with the impressive Model S, but its exorbitant price puts it out of the reach of many. The company, along with Chevrolet, is expected to reveal budget EVs next year that will be able to cover a distance of at least 200 miles on a single charge.

[Via Bloomberg]


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