How to Re-Download MacOS Mojave Installer (from MacOS Mojave)

How to Redownload MacOS Mojave installer

Some users may occasionally need to re-download the MacOS Mojave installer application while actively running MacOS Mojave. This is usually done for making a MacOS Mojave boot installer drive or some other similar purpose, or perhaps to copy the installer onto another computer or as a backup, but there are other reasons someone may want to download the “Install MacOS” package again too.

Remember, the MacOS Mojave Installer application deletes itself automatically after macOS Mojave has successfully installed, thus even if you previously downloaded the installer and used it to install Mojave on the same Mac, unless you previously had made a copy of it then it will have removed itself, thus you’d need to re-download it again.

How to Re-download the MacOS Mojave Installer Application

  1. From MacOS Mojave, open the Mac App Store and search for “MacOS Mojave” (or click this direct link to Mojave)
  2. Click the “Get” button to start re-downloading MacOS Mojave
  3. How to redownload Mac OS Mojave installer from Mojave

  4. The Software Update control panel will automatically launch, confirm that you want to download MacOS Mojave to download the installer
  5. How to redownload Mac OS Mojave installer from Mojave

The installer package when finished will land in the /Applications folder as it normally would, labeled as “Install macOS”.

The Installer application for MacOS Mojave

This process may be a little confusing because while the installer for MacOS Mojave comes from the Mac App Store, later system software updates arrive through the “Software Update” preference panel in MacOS Mojave 10.14 onward.

Help, I can’t download MacOS Mojave from the Mac App Store!

If you can’t get the Mac App Store method of re-downloading the MacOS Mojave installer to work properly for whatever reason, then not to worry because there are other methods available.

The same trick that is used to navigate around the mini-Mojave installer can also be used to download the full size macOS Mojave installer directly from MacOS Mojave 10.14 or later as well.

That alternative method, which uses a third party utility to download and build the installer package, should work regardless of what you can or can’t get working from the Mac App Store approach.

Do you know of any other methods to re-download the MacOS Mojave installer application directly from Mojave? Share with us in the comments below!


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