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Call monitor comes with diverse features including infinite call history, advanced statistics; call recording and optional web monitoring. The innovative features of the application make it the ideal call history and contact management application. The optional web tracking feature allows employers and parents to have access to a live stream of calls through the use of a laptop.

1. Unlimited and undeletable call history, syncing and analytics
Call monitor is designed to cater for the limitations of the Android call log. The normal call log is limited to 500 logs, however, call monitor has the capacity to store infinite call logs. This makes it possible to access call history that has been accumulated over the years. The infinite nature of the call monitor is especially helpful when retrieving lost contacts from the past. Asides the unlimited nature of the call log, the app is designed with the undeletable call history. This feature is especially helpful for organizations that want to know how its employees make use of the company phone. Due to the undeletable nature of the call log, organizations can easily make use of the app to track the calls made by the employee. This feature will help the organizations to easily investigate and track misuse of the company phone. The application also allows its users to sync call history between servers to easily retrieve call logs on any device.

2. Social, contacts and friends’ details
Call monitor is designed to help users to discover interesting and fascinating facts about the callers. The app can help you to know who calls you most often, least often and how long most of the calls last. Through the use of the application analytics, you can easily know your highest callers by frequency, top callers by the duration of each call and the average duration per contact. Furthermore, the app can remind you of missed calls that you haven’t returned due to a hectic schedule.
An added advantage of the app over the regular call app is that it will enable you to know callers that call more often than you call them and contacts that hardly call you.

3. Call statistics
One of the most innovative aspects of the call monitor app is the statistical report which it carries out using the call history. This statistical report is very useful to users as well as organizations as it provides insights into the call history which will help you to better manage the call log.
The call statistics feature of the application can help the organization to sort the total number of calls made within a specified time frame. Additionally, the calls in the specified time frame can easily be filtered into incoming, outgoing and missed calls. This is very beneficial in tracking the activities of customer care agents to ensure that they promptly receive and address the needs of the customers. The call duration of specific calls and the average duration of call within a specified time can be managed. This will give the organizations insight on how the call agents are handling business and make recommendations and changes when needed.

4. Call recording
This feature is optional for the customers’ discretion. The feature enables users to be able to record important calls to ensure that no crucial information is missed.

5. Web syncing (Optional)
Web syncing helps employers and parents to have access to the live calls of employees and kids. This is an innovative feature that helps organizations and families to monitor ongoing calls that are being made using company phones. This feature is not intrusive in nature as the employer must provide proof before being given access to track employee activities and it must be on the company phones. This feature helps employers to monitor calls that are being made with the company phone online using a laptop. It provides a live stream of the current calls.
This feature can be activated by visiting and registering an employer account.

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