Water Drop – Ripple Effect


“Water Drop – Ripple Effect” simulates water ripple effect. The water looks absolutely real with light and shadow effect, touch water surface on the screen of your smartphone. Touch or tap the screen to add water drops on your home screen!

Want to see water effects in your device screen? “Water Drop – Ripple Effect” provides you live wallpaper with water effects. This app transforms your screen into a liquid surface. You can create ripples, drops and waves effects by touching screen.

Refreshing your summer with beautiful water drops! Feel like the waterfall! “Water Drop – Ripple Effect” turns wallpapers liquid! The water effect is very fluid and smooth, and supports multitouch. Now you can have a pool of water on your Android phone.

In every drop of water there is a story of life. Download “Water Drop – Ripple Effect” free app and make your phone screen look fresh and new. This is the best collection of water wallpapers that will show you the real beauty of nature.

Waterize your phone with the best water live wallpapers! Get some fresh and new wallpapers that will revitalize it. Download water live wallpaper free app and make your phone beautiful. Choose your favorite HD water drop wallpaper images and wait to see how the drops of water make a real art on your screen and turn it into the best water drop live wallpaper.

Enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water images. There’s something incredibly soothing about listening to, and watching water. Whether it’s the rolling waves in the ocean, sitting by a serene lake, watching a water fountain in a garden or the sound of a running bath. It has the ability to easily take our mind to a silent and peaceful place. “Water Drop – Ripple Effect” free download is here to make you feel fantastic so don’t wait any longer to get this special water theme wallpaper collection for your phone.

Give water the shape of your phone and make it look beautiful. This is a great water background wallpaper collection that consists of fantastic high-quality water pictures. Enjoy the ripple effect on the water surface. It has a real calming influence on the mind. So very soon after setting the water drop wallpaper you will see that your heart beat are slowing down, your blood pressure is lowering and you feel much better.

Get the best water effect live wallpaper for your phone. Fresh water is really important for us and many times we forget to drink enough water during the day which can harm our health. With true water live wallpaper free download you will never forget the importance of drinking water. Stay healthy with your new “Water Drop – Ripple Effect”. Enjoy!

Beautiful realistic water live wallpaper. Touch a screen of your phone to make ripples and waves. Enjoy watching the water movement.

Amazing colors of “Water Drop – Ripple Effect” on these high definition pictures will mesmerize you! Phenomenal features of these cool Water Drop will stir you up and leave you speechless! You will want more of these stunning Water Drop pictures, and the best thing is – “Water Drop – Ripple Effect” will feed your appetites with its enormous gallery of all kinds of cool Water Drop!

Select one of the fantastic types of backgrounds with falling water drops, bubbles of water and set it on the screen of your mobile phone. Excellent quality of image and animation.

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