Team17 boasts of “strong start” to 2018

Team17 boasts of “strong start” to 2018

Team17 boasts of "strong start" to 2018

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July 18th, 2018 – 11:44am
By Alex Calvin, Editor – PC Games Insider

It sounds like everything is going rather smoothly at Yorkshire-based indie label Team17.

Not long after the Worms firm went public, the company has issued an update to the City in which CEO Debbie Bestwick MBE (pictured) says that the firm is chuffed with the firm’s performance so far.

Bestwick calls out the success of My Time At Portia’s Early Access launch, as well as the buzz around Overcooked 2’s reveal as evidence of the company’s long-term commitment to supporting the indie games community.

“We are pleased with our performance in the first half of our financial year and the ongoing success of both owned and label partner IP,” Bestwick said.

“The announcement of Overcooked 2 and early access launch of My Time At Portia provides further evidence of our commitment to building brands and collaborating with some of the most creative indie partners around the globe.

“We are delighted with the reaction received globally for our games at E3. We have also recently won the ‘Develop Publishing Hero’ Industry award for the second time, which is further testament to the high-quality premium games we select and the hard work of all of our teams who I’d like to thank.

“We look forward to updating our shareholders on our progress over the coming months.”

Team17 announced its intention to float on the London Stock Exchange AIM market in May and predicted $284m in gross proceeds on the back of this. 

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