Erratic Behavior Leads to Arrest on Flight to Newark

Erratic Behavior Leads to Arrest on Flight to Newark

Southwest Airplane (Photo via Southwest)

PHOTO: Southwest Airplane (Photo courtesy Southwest)

“Erratic behavior” on a Southwest Airlines flight led to an arrest in Newark, New Jersey, on Monday night.

According to a report on Fox News, an out-of-control passenger caused a commotion on Southwest Flight 864 flying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey. The incident led to a one-hour flight delay and passengers were not happy, letting their feelings be known on Twitter.

It’s unclear exactly what the man did, but it according to reports, he attacked a flight attendant, which prompted the flight crew to alert local law enforcement.

No one was injured during the flight. Southwest apologized to passengers on Twitter and asked for further information on the incident.


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