James Bond: NEW poll reveals USA’s favourite 007 actor is WHO? | Films | Entertainment |

James Bond: NEW poll reveals USA’s favourite 007 actor is WHO? | Films | Entertainment |

Six actors have played James Bond across 24 official films since 1962’s Dr No. And now over 2000 American citizens have been polled by Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult to discover their favourite out of Sir Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Sir Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Those polled were asked if they had a favourable or unfavourable impression of each actor, while also having the option of “Don’t know/No opinion.” So just who came out on top?

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Well, it turns out that Sir Sean is the US’s favourite Bond, with a net rating of 76% favourability.

He was closely followed by the 007 of the 1990s, Brosnan on 73%, while Sir Roger came third with 65%.

The incumbent Craig, who shoots Bond 25 from March next year, landed fourth at 58%.

While it shouldn’t be surprising that the actors who spent the shortest time in the role, Dalton (two films in the 1980s) and Lazenby (just 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), finished last with 28% and 8%.

So how do these results compare to the UK?

James Bond: NEW poll reveals USA’s favourite 007 actor – Here’s how results differ to UK (Image: MGM)Yessshh Sir Sean Connery is the USA’s and the UK’s favourite James Bond (Image: GETTY)

Last year YouGov polled over 3500 UK residents who their favourite Bond was and Sir Sean came out on top there too with 27% of the vote.

Craig did better here coming second with 18%, followed by Sir Roger in third at 13%.

Brosnan came fourth with 7%, followed by Timothy Dalton at just 2%, while poor old Lazenby received no votes at all.

Bizarrely the highest percentage of the vote was 28% for those who said they did not have a favourite Bond.

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Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll data (Image: MC)

The US poll also discovered that 52% of Americans would support a black James Bond.

This was more popular than a Hispanic, Asian or female 007, while a gay incarnation of the MI6 agent was opposed by 52%.

Earlier this year Bond producer Barbara Broccoli confirmed the character would remain male, but she’s open to a non-white actor after Craig.

Bond 25 will be released on February 14, 2020.


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