Travel Agent Tips for Planning Multigenerational Travel

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PHOTO: Family travel planning tips. (Photo via Choreograph / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Planning family travel—especially multigenerational travel—can sometimes seem overwhelming as there are so many moving parts. Family members may have differences of opinion, and there are sometimes “too many cooks in the kitchen” as the saying goes.

Agents at Oasis Travel Network have offered up some insight on planning a multi-gen getaway in the months ahead. From destinations that are sure to please an entire brood to how to prevent the experience from being overwhelming, these helpful hints could lead to great success.

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Nancy Scorby, Scorby Travel and Cruise, suggests traveling north.

“Alaska is my ‘go-to’ destination for multigenerational travel,” said Scorby. “There are different price points to satisfy all tastes and budgets with limitless opportunities for adventure excursions and spending time together.”

Another great option for families, according to Scorby, are European river cruises.

“Both Uniworld and Disney (partnered with AmaWaterways) offer family cruise dates in the summer,” she said. “The kids are fully engaged while learning about history and experiencing culture-and what parent or grandparent doesn’t want to be involved with that?”

The number-one priority, Scorby says is making the right match.

“It’s all about matching the budget and group dynamic with adventures they can all enjoy together,” she said. “Remember to take everyone’s age and ability to travel into account as well.”

Laurel Brunvoll, of Unforgettable Trips, suggests making contact with each family member to find out what they want.

“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with planning a family vacation. A good place to start is receiving input from every family member. That way, you can narrow down potential destinations and activities.” Said Brunvoll. “Some families find it helpful to create a fun list of vacation destinations and make it a priority to plan these trips over the years of spring break, summer and holiday vacations.”

This is a great suggestion for travel agents who will now have a plan for this vacation and ideas for the future.

Brunvoll also recommends considering the family and their style of travel. It’s easy for multigenerational groups to want to pack the schedule with things for everyone in the clan, but she reminds agents to pack in some breaks too.

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” she said. “Plan some downtime into your days and nights. We all know what happens when people start getting tired and/or hungry.”

Ultimately, planning ahead is one of the easiest ways to create an amazing experience.

“The most important tip to planning successful family vacations is to plan far in advance. And by far, the best tip for traveling together is to remain flexible and keep your sense of humor!”

Travel agents can provide a lifeline to families struggling to plan a family vacation and can take the hassle out of putting together all of the details.

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