Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Guardians Update – Everything you nee…

Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Guardians Update - Everything you need to know

There are some fairly big changes coming to Frontier’s Elite Dangerous in the new Guardians update. The Guardians update V2.2. will mark some major additions to the gameplay including the implementation of fighter ships, which can be directly launched and controlled from motherships.

Fighter bays have been added to several ship classes and three all new fighters can be launched from them including the F-63 Condor, Imperial Fighter, and the Taipan. Each fighter will have its own loadout and specific weapon modules as well as the ability to give motherships simple orders when players are in a fighter, such as hold position etc…

Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Guardians Update - Everything you need to know Elite Dangerous: Horizons The Guardians Update - Everything you need to know

The new fighters will also be able to be launched from NPC ships and can have NPC pilots which coincides with the new AI crew changes made. A crew lounge has been added where players can gain access to see their crews details and also hire new crew including new fighter pilots. Many changes and fixes have been made to the NPC crew and it ensures that they act properly and progress normally allowing for a more immersive experience.

Fighters and bug fixes are not the only exciting thing to come in the 2.2 update. New geological anomalies and events have been added, one of the biggest is that biological entities have now been added to the surfaces. The new mysterious things have also been included which will have players looking into all new mysteries.


The new tourism feature has also been enabled allowing you to pick up passengers and receive missions from them. The passenger lounge has been added as well as the ability for ships to add passenger modules of different sizes and quality to outfitting. Various passenger missions can be picked up, some of which may get you into a spot of bother with the law.

There’s a fairly extensive list of changes and fixes that have been made. The developers also today took to a reddit AMA where they discussed their plans for the future including the ability for players to explore planet surfaces by a rover. It’ll be interesting to see where Elite Dangerous goes from here, but in the meantime players will have plenty to do with the new content.


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