United Airlines Will Bring Back Stroopwafels in 2019

Stroopwaffels consist of caramel placed between two wafer cookies.

Stroopwaffels consist of caramel placed between two wafer cookies. (Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / gitusik)

Plane travel can be so cumbersome and comes with annoying aspects like disruptive passengers and little legroom. Sometimes it’s the small things, like a delicious free snack, that can make air travel so great.

United Airlines customers know this all too well, which is why many will be happy to hear that Stroopwafels will be returning to flights in 2019.

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Stroopwafels are a waffle-like Dutch treat traditionally paired with coffee or tea that United Airlines first introduced to their flights in 2016. Customers raved over the taste of the wafer cookies sandwiched together with caramel.

In June, United replaced Stroopwafels with maple wafers on flights that departed before 9:45 a.m. and customers were not happy about this, taking to social media in a fury.

United Airlines apparently listened, giving customers a post-Christmas present on December 28 when they tweeted that Stroopwafels were making a comeback in the new year.

If the loss of Stroopwafels in June disappointed you and made flying with United a little less enjoyable, take note that they’ll be back on your airplane table tray in just a few days bringing you some much-needed joy to your flight experience.


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