Avengers 4 trailer release date: Here’s why this weekend looks likely | Films | Entertainment |

Avengers 4 trailer release date: Here’s why this weekend looks likely | Films | Entertainment |

Last night Avengers 4 directors The Russo Brothers took part in a Q&A after a Hollywood screening of Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. With such an event going ahead many fans and insiders thought Wednesday would be the day the Avengers 4 trailer would arrive or at least an announcement of when it would go public. Sadly this was not the case and some insiders, including the Annihilation title leaker MCU Cosmic editor Jeremy Conrad, started saying they doubted the trailer would arrive this week with Monday being a likely contender. However, it now looks like that’s all changed.

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Conrad has since deleted his doubt tweets and shared a video of the Turkish voice-dub Iron Man actor, who has recorded his dialogue for the Avengers 4 trailer.

Meanwhile, another insider, Daniel R, started cryptically tweeting emojis of excitement without any context.

Next thing we know Conrad writes a tweet that goes viral, showing he clearly knows something: “It’s about to get crazy if you’re an MCU fan. 

“You have no idea what’s coming very soon. I’m still in disbelief.”

Avengers 4 trailer release date: Here’s why THIS WEEKEND suddenly looks VERY likely (Image: MARVEL)

He then confidently asserted that the Avengers 4 trailer would not arrive today (Wednesday at his time of writing PST) or tomorrow (today, Thursday).

And Conrad has also confirmed that Friday is now off the cards too after someone said the radio claimed it was arriving tomorrow. However, his latest blog post says: “Sadly, it’s not going to happen today, but the wait won’t be much longer.”

Meanwhile, Daniel R has been retweeted by Conrad saying it’s “not true” that the trailer will launch on Monday December 3.

Another piece of evidence suggesting the trailer will this weekend is a video from last Sunday made by the Turkish Iron Man voice actor, alongside his Spider-Man counterpart.

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In the video it’s said that a trailer is probably coming next week, suggesting that this weekend is still a possibility.

If not this weekend then surely sometime before December 5th when the Avengers 4 prelude comic, which no doubt will have the true title, is published.

Avengers 4 will be released in UK cinemas on April 26, 2019.


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