James Bond SHOCK: Tom Hiddleston SUDDENLY new favourite for next 007 | Films | Entertainment |

James Bond SHOCK: Tom Hiddleston SUDDENLY new favourite for next 007 | Films | Entertainment |

The Loki star has long been a favourite to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. However, in recent weeks he’s had worse odds than a number of stars from Tom Hardy and Idris Elba to James Norton. Meanwhile, Richard Madden has been leading the pack after starring in BBC’s Bodyguard. But now Hiddleston is suddenly the favourite at 5-4, while Madden is pushed back into second at 2-1, according to bookmakers Coral. 

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The overtaking came after a flurry of bets for Hiddleston arrived yesterday morning.

A Coral spokesman said: “Tom Hiddleston is all the rage in our next James Bond betting and is now the new favourite to replace Daniel Craig as 007.”

So why the sudden movement?

Well, the night before Avengers Infinity War directors The Russo Brothers spoke out on if Hiddleston’s Loki was really dead.

James Bond SHOCK: Tom Hiddleston SUDDENLY new favourite to replace Daniel Craig as 007 (Image: GETTY/MGM)Richard Madden was the favourite to be the next James Bond before Tom Hiddleston took over (Image: BBC)

Marvel fans will remember Thor’s brother met his untimely end at the beginning of this year’s Marvel epic.

However, since Loki has previously faked his own death in Thor The Dark World, it’s not too surprising that audiences were sceptical that he’d really gone.

On Wednesday evening in Hollywood, the Russo Brothers took part in a Q&A after a Collider/ArcLight Cinemas screening of Avengers Infinity War.

One popular theory is that Loki didn’t die, but took the form of Bruce Banner, which is why he couldn’t Hulk out in the movie.

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However, the Russos bluntly replied: “Loki is dead.” Of course, they could be playing it coy to avoid spoiling Avengers 4 – after all, he is in the movie as seen in set photos of what looks like flashbacks to the first Avengers movie.

Nevertheless, this news potentially sparked the fresh bets for Hiddleston to take over as Bond seeing as it seems he won’t be returning to Marvel franchise.

However, a Loki limited TV series for Marvel is in the works at least so he’s not entirely done with the role as of yet.

Daniel Craig will return for his final James Bond movie on February 14, 2020.


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