Avengers 4 TRAILER release: Jeremy Renner CONFIRMS ‘in a few days’ | Films | Entertainment |

Avengers 4 TRAILER release: Jeremy Renner CONFIRMS ‘in a few days’ | Films | Entertainment |

With the announcement of Captain Marvel’s second trailer for this evening, fans are wondering where the Avengers 4 first teaser is.

Well, yesterday Hawkeye star Renner appeared at Tokyo Comic Con, where he was asked about Avengers 4.

One fan posted a video of him speaking there, where he teased the first look is coming in the next few days.

Renner said: “They will be seeing some of it actually in a few days.”

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He added: “So I can’t wait not to tell you what happens…I can’t tell you anything.”

Luckily for Marvel fans, we now know this will be Wednesday morning in the US (UK mid-afternoon) and presumably on Good Morning America.

The date was confirmed by a couple of Hollywood insiders who have known the scoop for a while.

Just after the Captain Marvel trailer announcement Daniel RPK, who had the scoop, confirmed on Twitter: “Ok now that it’s out I CAN tweet about it…”

Avengers 4 TRAILER release: Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner CONFIRMS ‘in a few days’ WATCH (Image: MARVEL)

He added: “Avengers 4 trailer on Wednesday morning. We’re so close. Just a little longer.”

This was confirmed by The DisInsider Editor Skyler Shuler, who wrote: “Just to clarify. Monday Night: Captain Marvel. Wednesday Morning: Avengers 4. Twitter needs an edit button, lol.”

His last sentence refers to the previous scoop that the trailers were arriving the other way round.

To be fair, since there was something of a leak before the official announcement by Marvel Studios, Disney may have swapped them.

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Fans will remember Hawkeye didn’t feature in Avengers Infinity War, so he’s expected to play a bigger part in Avengers 4.

Concept art and set leaks have shown him in a different uniform with a new haircut.

One snap last year saw Renner wearing shin guards which match that of Ronin from the comics.

Avengers 4 will be released in UK cinemas on April 26, 2019.


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