Warframe Fortuna release date and launch time for PS4 and Xbox One

Warframe Fortuna release date and launch time for PS4 and Xbox One

Warframe Fortuna release date news (Image: DIGITAL EXTREMES)

The next major Warframe expansion is coming to PS4 and Xbox One consoles today.

Digital Extremes has confirmed the exact time the new Warframe Fortuna update should arrive on consoles, meaning fans won’t be waiting much longer.

Fortuna has been available on PC for some time and will add a lot of new content for players on PS4 and Xbox One to explore.

For those that don’t know, Fortuna is the latest open-world area being launched for the free-to-play title.

It’s located on the terraformed planet of Venus, giving both new players and veterans a chance to quickly access entirely new gameplay content.

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And fans will be exploring the new terrain on Bondi K-Drive Hoverboards in no time, as December 10 has been set as the official console release date.

The Warframe Fortuna update is set to land later today and will be available to download in the UK by 3pm, GMT.

It’s been confirmed that Warframe Fortuna will be a big update on both consoles and will require around 8GB of extra space.

And as promised, there will be plenty of new locations to explore, weapons to unlock and secrets to be found.

The Fortuna expansion takes place underground and above ground, comprising the underground Colony of Fortuna and the surface landscape of The Orb Vallis.

Fortuna is a hub city similar to Cetus in Plains of Eidolon, where players can socialise and pick up bounties and missions from the local Solaris denizens.

“Located in the eye of a snowstorm, The Orb Vallis was once a scorching wasteland.

“When the Solaris reactivated the Orokin coolant towers, life reappeared in the Vallis. Giant looming mushrooms sprung from the snow, and four-legged Virminks appeared in the valleys.

“Through their blood, sweat and tears, the Solaris terraformed this barren region into a beautiful, hospitable world — but the Corpus are destroying its delicate balance in their pursuit of profit.

“Due to its terraformed environment, Orb Vallis fluctuates between temperature phases, which directly affects certain ecosystems within it.”

A rundown of the other new content available in the Fortuna expansion can be found below, courtesy of Digital Extremes.

The new Warframe expansion arrives today on PS4 and Xbox One (Image: DIGITAL EXTREMES)

The K-Drive — Blast across the wide open Venusian landscape on the Bondi K-Drive. Warframe’s new means of locomotion instantly turns transportation into extreme recreation. Get in touch with the Solaris United’s youth movement — the Ventkids — to earn Standing to upgrade and customise your board to the next level (including K-Drive Mods!). Experiment with grabs, spins, rails and more. Learn how to use your board in combat: players can dismount mid-air, pull out weapons, blast Corpus thugs, and remount in the air for extra points! Just like in Plains of Eidolon, players can access their Archwing to get a bird’s eye view and fly across the Orb Vallis!

The New Faction, Solaris United — The cyborg Faction Solaris United live in the Blade-Runner-esque debt-internment colony, Fortuna. Similar to the gathering bazaars of Cetus in Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna is an underground hub city that serves as a factory to clean coolant rivers and doubles as a trading hub for the region. Underneath the facade of harmony and unified labor, however, discontent runs deep. Dig into the faction’s stories, learn about the plight of The Business, Eudico, Rude Zuud, the Ventkids, and others, and help them fight their oppressors.

New Combat and Enemy Alert System — The Corpus occupiers, led by the profit-obsessed Nef Anyo, bring new technology, weapons, systems, and warriors to bear. The game’s four quadrants, bases of enemy operations, are patrolled by giant robo-spiders, while mid- and small-size robot spiders appear across the giant terrain.

Players will be prompted to liberate Corpus bases for rewards and can even enter their underground bases. They’re not small! Alongside new Corpus ground troop variants and new kinds of bounties, a new Danger Rating system challenges players to escape or double down.

Animal Conservation — Strange, wonderful animals of the Vallis are going extinct due to Corpus cruelty. In between fights, take it down a notch: explore the landscape of Fortuna and use your new skills and tools to lure, track, and capture them for relocation. Hunting starts with tracking animal droppings and following footprints to the right location. Echo-lures mimic the distinct sound of each animal (each animal responds to a different lure sound), and a series of calls and responses then brings the animals into sight. Using stealth and skill to tranq and trap them will help them find a safe, happy home!

New Warframe — The bloody, powerful Garuda Warframe offers a deadly combination of health-based abilities to wreak havoc on any enemy in her path. Deployment of her skills will leave you vulnerable with low health but greatly enhanced damage potential. Skilful Tenno will chain together tactics to keep her energy high while skewering enemies, boosting shields, and leaving a trailer of dismembered foes in her wake.

Mining, Fishing, Exploration — Resources are plentiful in the Vallis if you know how to get them. As players explore the vast new landscape in search of resources (caves, bases, and more), they’ll use new mechanics to extract a variety of different ore to upgrade their gear. Fishing makes its mighty return but with a twist. The fish in the Vallis are robotic, so you’ll need to use different spears and tips to catch them. Just don’t break them.


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