Southwest Airlines Ending Mexico City Flights;

Southwest Airlines Ending Mexico City Flights;

Southwest Boeing 737-300

Southwest Airlines announced that they will no longer be offering service to Benito Juarez Mexico City International Airport.

The airline began offering flights to Mexico City in 2014 and now plan on ceasing operations on March 30.

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In a statement on Thursday, Southwest Airlines said that they’ll be allocating their resources and money toward “better opportunities” in their existing route network, which most likely includes their planned flights to Hawaii.

“Mexico City was showing very nice improvement,” said Gary Kelly, Southwest’s chairman and CEO. “It’s much more of a business market. And given where we are right now, we just have better business opportunities in terms of deploying that capacity. We’d love for us to be back in Mexico City one of these days.”

“We are working on better commercial capabilities in terms of marketing in foreign countries, accepting foreign currency and all of those things…which would support service to a place like Mexico City better than what we have today.”

For those who still need to get to Mexico City, United and Aeromexico are two airlines with plenty of flights to Mexico’s capital.


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