Super Smash Bros Ultimate UPDATE 1.2.0 – Good news and bad news in EARLY patch notes

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Image: NINTENDO)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate developer Nintendo is getting ready to release update 1.2.0.

But based on the early patch notes, there’s good news and bad news for Nintendo Switch fans.

The next Super Smash Bros update will be released in the next few days, and should hopefully fix some nagging online issues.

As Eurogamer points out, some Smash Bros Ultimate players have experienced lag when taking the game online.

Likewise, the multiplayer servers seem largely unable to find games with specified settings.

It’s particularly problematic if you want to play one-on-one, or want more of an eSports experience with no items.

Assuming update 1.2.0 will address even a few of these problems, it’s a big win for fans.

The downside, however, is that the Nintendo Switch update will wipe your old replays.

Nintendo explains more in an early patch notes post within Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

“Version 1.2.0 will be distributed within the next week,” the post reads. “Once you update the software, you won’t be able to watch replays made with previous versions.”

Fortunately, there is a workaround if you want to keep your old replays after the new update goes live.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch (Image: NINTENDO)

“If you have any replays you want to keep, go to Vault > Replays > Replay Data > Convert to Video,” Nintendo explains.

Nintendo has also announced plans to hold a special in-game event in time for Christmas.

The “spectacle to behold” event revolves around characters that wear glasses and sunglasses.

“Characters who wear glasses or sunglasses will be coming out in force on the Spirit Board!” Nintendo reveals. “Defeat them in battle to earn more gold ran usual!”


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