Avengers Endgame trailer theory: Ant-Man expecting Iron Man NOT Cap | Films | Entertainment |

Avengers Endgame trailer theory: Ant-Man expecting Iron Man NOT Cap | Films | Entertainment |

The end of Marvel’s Avengers Endgame trailer saw Ant-Man arriving at the Avengers HQ and talking to the camera. Captain America is surprised to see him alive after the Snap, as Scott asks if he remembers him from the Civil War fight in Germany. However, a popular new fan theory claims Ant-Man thinks he’s talking to Iron Man. Reddit user sush_dak writes: “Scott Lang has no idea about the events of Infinity War.”

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They continued: “All he knows is that Captain America and team are on the run from the government and the only legal Avengers (according to the Sokovia accords) are Iron Man, Spider-Man, War Machine, Vision and maybe Black Panther; who he might find in the headquarters.

“So when he comes out of the Quantum Realm and discovers that his friends have disappeared, he rushes to the Avengers headquarters to get help or information from Tony Stark.

“Proof:- 1. He keeps introducing himself as Ant-Man. We are certain that Steve Rogers and friends know him well.

“2. In Civil War when Tony comes to the prison to visit the captured Avengers, he refuses to recognise Scott Lang. Hence Scott Lang keeps introducing himself as Ant-Man.”


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They added: “Conclusion:- Scott Lang expected Tony Stark or the pro-Sokovia Accords Avengers in the headquarters.”

Avengers Endgame is released on April 26, 2019.


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