Star Wars 9 teaser release date: Mark Hamill trolls 'exclusive FIRST trailer image' | Films | Entertainment |

Star Wars 9 teaser release date: Mark Hamill trolls 'exclusive FIRST trailer image' | Films | Entertainment |

The latest reports are pointing to next week. Will fans really get their first look at the Star Wars 9 trailer on Wednesday December 19? Anticipation is sky-high for the return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, not to mention the revelation of how Luke and Leia Skwalker will be brought back to the screen. Just before the weekend a fans asked Hamill himself for another trailer image and the star responded: “Will post one tomorrow. EXCLUSIVE.”

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Of course it is important to remember that Hamill is famous for letting slip more than he probably should about his views over everyting Star Wars, most notably the storylines and treatment of Luke in The Last Jedi.

However, he is equally notorious for being a world-class prankster.

Would he really reveal an exclusive image from Star Wars 9 before any actual trailer had been released? Perhaps, but only if it was officially sanctioned.

And then he tweeted a picture of a Star Wars trailer. Literally. Scroll down to see it in all its “exclusive” glory.

Star Wars 9 teaser trailer release date Mark Hamill tweet (Image: DISNEY)Star Wars 9 Mark Hamill tweet (Image: TWITTER )Star Wars 9 teaser trailer: What did Mark Hamill tweet? (Image: DISNEY)

Yes, that is an actual motor trailer with Star Wars written on the side.

Hamill wrote: “Here it is as promised (& who didn’t see THIS coming?). A) An #EXCLUSIVE #StarWarsTrailer photo!! “B) Bonus vintage photo of #TrollMasterHamill (who’s considering retirement now that it’s impossible to trick you nerds!) #EpNeinFootageAvailable.”

Not only does it also have an old photograph of him laughing at trolling the fans, it even includes a clever play on the words ‘nine’ and the German for ‘no.’ 

The naughty star also threatened this may be his last attempt to fool fans. Somehow that seems unlikely.

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Hopefully fans will not have too much longer to wait before the actual first footage is revealed.

Numerous sources have reported something will drop this month, whether it’s on December 19 or even Christmas Day, as some claim.



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