Fortnite DOWNTIME: How long will Fortnite be down today? Latest server status update

Fortnite DOWNTIME: How long will Fortnite be down today? Latest server status update

Fortnite’s v7.10 update will require server downtime this morning, developer Epic Games has confirmed. Fortnite Downtime is expected to start at 10:00 am GMT. The Season 7 update was announced with an early morning Tweet: ”Success! The v7.10 update is once again set to release today, December 18. Downtime will begin at 5 AM ET(1000 UTC).”

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Fortnite DOWN: What time is Fortnite DOWNTIME today? Fortnite Driftboard DELAY: New vehicle will NOT be in update 7.10

Patch notes will be shared when downtime begins, allowing players to learn what to expect.

The game is expected to go offline for twenty minutes before the downtime commences, meaning 9:40am GMT, will mark server disruption.

Fortnite scheduled downtime tends to typically last a maximum of three hours for major updates.

But downtime has recently lasted between one and two hours.

This means fans could potentially see Fortnite servers return online by or before 12:00am GMT.

Fortnite Update 7.10 downtime: Epic Games has confirmed the eagerly-anticipated update (Image: Epic Games)Fortnite season 7.10 update: The sandbox game will be inaccessible from 10:00 am GMT (Image: Epic Games)What to expect from the Fortnite 7.10 update:

Success! The v7.10 update is once again set to release today, December 18

Epic Games

Shotgun: Players had reported bug where bullets were not registered by the Fortnite server, resulting in players missing shots and dealing less damage with the shotgun.

X-4 Stormwing Nerf: The damage players receive when the plane X-4 Storming is shot will increase from 25 to 50.

Driftboard: Epic has announced a new snowboard vehicle called Driftboard will arrive with the 7.10 update.

Reduced leaks: Epic is enforcing its Terms of Service against dataminers.

Fortnite down: 14 Days of Fortnite will feature both new and returning large teams (Image: Epic Games)Fortnite season 7.10 update: Patch notes have now been released (Image: Epic Games)Fortnite 7.10 update patch notes:

14 Days of Fortnite: This event will feature both brand new and returning large team modes. LTMs will switch every two days, while small team modes rotate every 24 hours.

Weapons: There are changes to the Heavy Assault Rifle and improved Balloon controls and an issue where glitch allowing players to pick up live Dynamite through structures has been fixed.

Gameplay: Ground vehicles have been upgraded, eliminations from “no-scoping” enemies with Sniper Rifles now show in the feed, it is now easier to pick up items dropped near a Mounted Turret, and Stormwings now take 50 percent more damage from hitting objects.

Playground: An issue preventing time trial Challenges from recording player completion times has been fixed, and players will no longer see occasional “Please Wait” message that blocks them from starting Challenge games in Playgrounds.

Audio: Winter biome ambient audio has been improved, while the volume of Quad Crasher boost sounds has been reduced.


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