Spider-Man Far From Home trailer release date: BAD news for fans | Films | Entertainment |

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer release date: BAD news for fans | Films | Entertainment |

There has been huge anticipation that two massive trailers could be arriving this week. Ever since Colider confidently announced that fans woudl see the first Star Wars 9 material and also the first look at Spider-Man Far From Home in December, it was assumed at least one of them would drop well before another Disney property, Mary Poppins, hit cinemas worldwide this friday. Spidey should be the one swinging into view for two major reasons.

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The Far From Hoeme trailer already exists and has been shown to a closed audience at CCXP Comic Con in Brazil earlier this month.

The trailer has also been officially classified and passed for cinema audiences. Fans are desperate for their first look at the teen hero after he was dusted in Avengers Infinity War.

However, numerous sources all claim that Star Wars 9 will release its first trailer tomorrow. The hugely-anticipated Hellboy reboot has also confirmed its first trailer for Thursday and then it’s Poppins all the way from Friday.

Daniel R at SuperBroMovies and Trailer Track have both made confident declarations there will be no Spider-Man 2 trailer this week.

Spider-Man Far From Home trailer bad news (Image: SONY)Spider-Man Far From Home trailer: How did Spidey come back? (Image: SONY)

Daniel R tweeted: “After hearing from multiple sources – No trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home this week either. Not online anyway.”

Of course, this still leaves the possibility the trailer could debut in cinemas with Mary Poppins, but it is far more likely Disney will promote the trailers for the family-orientated Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin movies.

So, when can fans expect Spidey?

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Trailer Track tweeted: “If it’s indeed not this week (which would be STUPID from Sony given how much Aquaman is on track to make) then it’s probably with Holmes and Watson. It’s all ready for theatres as we mentioned previously, they’re kinda on the clock on releasing it.”

The big budget comedy hits cinemas on Christmas Day and is from Colombia Studios, part of the Sony group.

Of course, there have also been reports the Star Wars trailer could drop on December 25, too.

What a tangled web this Spidey weaves…


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