Cities: Skylines Patch Notes – Update 1.6.1-F2

Cities: Skylines Patch Notes – Update 1.6.1-F2

Cities: Skylines Patch Notes - Update 1.6.1-F2

Where there’s rain, there’s a puddle. Or something to that effect. One thing always follows another. So with a popular game like Cities: Skylines, the introduction of its new ‘Natural Disasters’ expansion, there’s bound to be an update or two. It’s not the best analogy; but it works.

And with the expansion behind – or still around us – we’re to look to the future. Whether that means looking forward to dishing out Armageddon in the way of a 1000ft-tall sea serpent or not, the folks working hard to allow us to work hard building a city will give us new toys to play with for a little while to come yet. So lets start creating a clean space to catalog them.

Cities: Skylines Patch Notes - Update 1.6.1-F2 Cities: Skylines Patch Notes - Update 1.6.1-F2

Cities: Skylines – Patch 1.6.1-F2

It might be difficult to say, but it’s even more difficult to read from start to finish. What exactly F2 stands for right now isn’t known, but with the sheer amount of fixes being thrown in this time around, there’s a good chance it has something to do with that. Here’s the entire thing, but here’s a general selection picked out just for you;


Chinese localisation added

Added information about Tank Reservoir stored water in Water infoview

Added scenario loosing and winning conditions in New Game>Choose Scenario panel

Added missing service enumerations to modding API

Trailer-, sub building-, and prop variation assets disabled and enabled with main asset

Fixed: Mac/Linux: The white News Feed box stays highlighted after a user clicks on it.

Fixed: Asset Editor: Game stops working when creating a new International Airport asset with props

Fixed: Some buildings causing asset editor to crash

Fixed: An issue causing mods to disappear from content manager

Fixed: Superfluous dot sign at the end of Helicopter Park name in PL

Fixed: Weather Radar name overflows in KO

Fixed: Citizen using evacuation buses need to first exit the Large Emergency Shelter in order to get inside it

Fixed: Player cannot dismiss after disaster report at will

Fixed: Scenario Editor: Using both trigger and non-trigger conditions for a win or loss makes the conditions get

Fixed: Scenario Editor: The minus key is not registered when trying to enter a negative value for a money trigger.

Fixed: Radio channels streaming warning includes Relaxation Station even though it's okay to stream with that station

Fixed: Most Natural Disasters keymappings are missing.

Fixed: Scenario Editor: Users are able to scroll the list of effects without opening the drop-down menu.

Fixed: Disaster reports names can go out of bounds

Fixed: Disaster severity slider could be hard to understand for a new player at first

Fixed: Some citizens are using evacuation route buses like a regular bus line

Fixed: Loading a game while meteor strike is occurring result with no explosion SFX

Fixed: Lose prompt doesn't mention which losing condition was met


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