Get Ready for The Fake Plane Challenge

Get Ready for The Fake Plane Challenge

view from airplane window

Chinese travelers are getting behind a new internet craze dubbed the fake plane challenge.

According to The Metro, the fake plane challenge consists of people using anything they have around the house to pretend they’re on a flight. The trend is spreading on Chinese social media site Weibo and video platform TikTok.

With more than 20 million views, people are getting creative by simulating the classic plane window photos or videos and trying to impress their friends. The key is getting people to buy into the con, only to pan out and reveal how the trick was pulled off.

The most creative users have used mug handles to replicate plane window frames, toilet seats and detergent bottles, but it’s the addition of pets to the mix that has really taken the fake plane challenge to an adorable level.

Let’s hope the trend continues to take off on social media platforms in the United States.


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