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The latest claims are – as with all the previous teaser rumours – completely unofficial and pure speculation at this point. But amid ongoing claims that footage could land this side of Christmas, could Christmas Eve in fact be the day? Fresh allegations online suggest it could be.

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On Christmas Eve, December 24, Broncos and Raiders will clash in ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

A rumour can be traced back to Reddit, saying that Disney will close the year “with a bang” by airing some kind of trailer during this match; perhaps at half time.

An important caveat is that Disney are not known to have had any Star Wars trailers rated ahead of cinema distribution, so this could very well prove to be another false alarm.

But could they drop something just for TV and online broadcast? It’s not impossible.

Star Wars: Episode 9 is out next year (Image: LUCASFILM)The new movie is in the works (Image: LUCASFILM)

Poster Indominus-Rekt said, in a post that has been 96% upvoted: “I’ve heard this now from several independent sources. Disney is closing the year with ‘a bang’.

“Now I feel the need to clarify here; Disney has a ton of massive hits expected in 2019, but something tells me you don’t exactly market Frozen 2 to the audience that watches Monday Night Football.”

But Star Wars 9 isn’t the only upcoming release for which a Monday Night Football trailer debut would be appropriate.

The Redditor added: “That said, I can see it being the full Aladdin trailer, especially with the EW special running today, but the secrecy surrounding this is normally reserved for Marvel or Star Wars and Marvel just dropped trailers for their two big releases of 2019.

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“So it’s not a lock but all signs point to a teaser trailer coming this Monday, but again, I would not discount the possibility this could be Aladdin.”

Yesterday, we reported how a trailer actually looked very unlikely – and if we’re getting anything at all by the end of the year, it could be a behind-the-scenes clip or something else altogether.

Star Wars 9 is currently in production and still doesn’t have an official title.

The movie is out in December 2019.


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