For Honor's Micro-transactions Won't "Split The Community"

For Honor's Micro-transactions Won't "Split The Community"

Worried about For Honor becoming the next full-price game to include micro-transactions? Don’t be. They shouldn’t be too intrusive.

We’re at a point where we should just sit and accept the need for micro-transactions in video games. The average price of a AAA title hasn’t moved while the world’s economy tanks. Games are becoming more and more expensive to develop as our graphical expectations rise, but the companies never expect us to pay more than what we usually do to play their product – they just hope we might pay a little more in the long-run.

So when Ubisoft announced that For Honor would include ‘Steel’ as a purchasable in-game currency, you can bet people began to worry. But the company assures fans there will be no pay-to-win mechanic baked in. It’s all locked to in-game progression, and everything can be unlocked through standard play regardless.

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By gating purchases behind player progression, it means newcomers won’t simply be able to buy their way to the top. We won’t have people becoming ridiculously overpowered in the first hour of release just because they decided to pay double. Weapons won’t be inherently more powerful that the last, either – they’ll offset one stat for another to allow for individuals to tailor their weapon choices based around their playstyles.

Game director Damiek Kieken told Eurogamer “We don’t want to split the community,” – and that’s exactly what he’s helping achieve with the novel approach a necessary evil. If you want it, it’s there. But you won’t need it.



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