Italy's First Coral Reef Just Discovered

Italy's First Coral Reef Just Discovered

Monopoli (Apulia, Italy)

There is still so much we don’t know about the world under the sea, as shown by a recent discovery near the seaside town of Monopoli.

Italy’s first coral reef was discovered in the Adriatic Sea near Monopoli and it’s said to rival that of the Maldives’ corals. According to researchers, the coral reef is similar to that found near tropical islands.

Italy’s mesophotic coral reef, which is used to refer to ecosystems with low levels of light, is found at a depth of 30 and 55 meters (98 and 180 feet) below sea level. Those depth levels mean the coral reef will have unusually bright colors and great conditions for marine life.

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Italy’s coral reef is 2.5 kilometers in length (or 8,202 feet) though some studies suggest it may stretch up to 135 kilometers (442,913 feet) and could possibly run the entire length of the region’s eastern coastline, making it similar to those found in Australia, the Red Sea and the Maldives.

With this discovery, regional and port authorities plan to create a protected marine area surrounding the coral, which is sure to attract travelers to the little town of Monopoli in the near future.


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