Millennials Are Tired of Researching Their Vacations

Millennials Are Tired of Researching Their Vacations

Reading online content in laptop (Photo via AntonioGuillem / iStock / Getty Images Plus) has released some new research that shows that North American millennial travelers are tired of researching for their vacation.

Called “net lag” or “scroll fatigue,” millennial travelers are exhausted when it comes to researching their vacation. On average, millennial travelers are spending eight hours of research on their vacation and becoming bored after just 40 minutes of research, according to’s latest study.

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The hotel website also found that one in eight travelers spend more than 15 hours researching before booking, and about 22 percent of millennials look through 11 different vacation options.

It then makes sense that 42 percent of millennial travelers are saying this process is one of their biggest stresses. The stress has even led 33 percent to book the wrong vacation or dates.

Tired of the research, over half of those surveyed (51 percent) tend to book vacations to somewhere they’ve already been just to avoid the research, while 40 percent pay more to avoid the research.

With not enough time to do their research at home, four in ten are secretly vacation researching at work and 30 percent are getting less work done because of it.

Over a third or 38 percent would even consider passing the task of vacation booking to someone else, like a friend or a travel agent, happy to pay about $134 on average to not have to research their own vacation.

While has created their 2019 Loved by Guests awards to help travelers find the best vacation, travel agents are also a great option to take away the stress associated with vacation research. They have the knowledge and expertise to do all of that work for travelers and can save them money in the process.


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