How to Turn Off Apple News Notifications on Mac

How to Turn Off Apple News Notifications on Mac

How to turn off Apple News Notifications on Mac

Apple News sends notifications to the Mac by default, splashing a steady stream of “news” alerts across the desktop, onto the locked screen, and into Notification Center of MacOS. If you don’t want to see these frequent Apple News notifications on the Mac, you can disable them completely for the News app.

How to Disable Apple News Notifications on Mac

  1. Go to the  Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen, and choose “System Preferences”
  2. Select “Notifications” to access the Notification Center preferences on the Mac
  3. Locate “News” from the list of apps sending notifications, and choose “None” as the News alert style
  4. How to turn off Apple News Notifications on Mac

  5. Exit System Preferences as usual

After you have chosen “None” as the alert type for Apple News Notifications, you will no longer receive any of these on the Mac.

Apple News Notifications on Mac

Many apps default to sending alerts and Notifications on the Mac, and Apple News is no different in this regard. Constant notifications can be very distracting if not annoying, and is part of why I personally have Do Not Disturb mode on the Mac enabled constantly so that I can help to maintain focus at my workstation. If you feel like you’re constantly dismissing notifications on the Mac, enabling perpetual Do Not Disturb mode 24/7/365 effectively disables Notification Center and is a great solution to regain some sanity, or recall that you can temporarily disable Notification Center by Option+Clicking on the Notifications icon in the Mac menu bar. If you have no use for Notificaion center at all, a more extreme option is to completely disable it and remove the menu bar item by unloading the associated kernel module, though that is really only appropriate for the most advanced Mac users.

Of course it’s not just the Mac that gets inundated with constant alerts and notifications, iOS does too. You might also appreciate knowing that you can disable Apple News alerts and notifications on iPad and iPhone too, if you find them to be distracting or annoying there as well, and likewise the iPhone and iPad can schedule Do Not Disturb in iOS or place it into perpetuity for some mobile focus and peace and quiet.

Whether you like Apple News notifications on the Mac or not is entirely a matter of personal preference. Undoubtedly some users enjoy the feature and the frequent notifications, and thus would not want to disable the alerts coming from the app. But if you find notifications to generally be distracting, then disabling them for the News app (and others) can offer an easy solution to improve such a situation.


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