Just Cause 4 News – E3 2018 – Just Cause 4 Leaks on Steam Store

Just Cause 4 News – E3 2018 – Just Cause 4 Leaks on Steam Store

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These E3 leaks keep getting more embarrassing by the day. Just Cause 4 has just popped up on Steam notifications, inviting fans to pre-order the game over on its official Steam page. Oops.

The Steam pre-order went up and briefly linked to the Steam store page for Just Cause 4 itself, but it’s all been subsequently removed. Someone, somewhere, cocked up big time here, setting the Steam pre-order to go live days before the official announcement of JC4.

Because of the extremely vague nature of the leak, and its brief existence, all we’ve got so far is the name of the game and a single piece of artwork for Just Cause 4. There’s no additional info on the release date, development team, or what’s changed from Just Cause 3. Quite a lot, hopefully.

The Just Cause 4 artwork shows Rico Rodriguez looking out over a lush jungle with a lightning strike crackling in. It, er, definitely looks like Just Cause alright. Expect mayhem, eye-melting explosions, and inventive environmental traversal.

In terms of that Walmart leak, it’s now so spot-on it’s hilarious. We’ve had Rage 2 announced, Just Cause 4 confirmed, Lego DC Villains announced, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey revealed. Any lingering doubts that Splinter Cell is also real have now disappeared in a puff of smoke. A new Splinter Cell is assuredly happening, and we’re going to see it revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference.


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