News – AMD Announces 32-Core Threadripper 2 on 12nm Zen Architecture – Out in Q3 2018

News – AMD Announces 32-Core Threadripper 2 on 12nm Zen Architecture – Out in Q3 2018

Never ones to be outdone, AMD has seen Intel’s 28-core engineering sample and raised them – with Threadripper 2. The second generation of Threadripper is due to launch in Q3 2018, is fabricated on the 12nm Zen+ architecture, and comes with up to a whopping 32 cores.

“This is a heavy metal performance,” said Jim Anderson, AMD’s corporate vice president of the Computing and Graphics Business Group, talking about its next-gen HEDT Threadripper 2 CPUs at Computex.

There will be multiple versions of Threadripper launching later this year, but onstage it was all about the beastly flagship. It’s a 32 core, 64 thread monstrosity that comes with all the benefits we’ve come to expect from second-gen Ryzen products. This includes enhanced clocked frequencies, multi-core boost frequencies, improved efficiency and lower memory latency.

“AMD delivered the first public demonstration of 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors—the second AMD 12nm product family—featuring up to 32 cores and 64 threads,” said AMD. “2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper processors are scheduled to launch in Q3 2018 with outstanding performance expected in rendering, post-production, and encoding workloads.”

The Threadripper 2 shown featured four dies each housing eight cores, connected via the Infinity Fabric Interconnect. It’s pretty much the same setup as first-gen Threadripper, which featured four dies but had two disabled.

AMD’s Threadripper 2 chips will run on the same X399 chipset, with a new family of refresh motherboards heading to market alongside them. They’ll still be compatible with the old boards for those thinking about an upgrade, although they may miss out on a few features of the refresh.

The big advantage for AMD here is that unlike Intel’s engineering sample, this Threadripper 2 chip is an actual production sample. AMD is ready for mass production of these chips and it’s confident of a Q3 2018 launch.

Prices have yet to be revealed for Threadripper 2, but the previous-gen 16-core Threadripper 1950X was available for $1000. Pricey, but considerably cheaper than the competition at the time.


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