GeForce GTX 2080 News – Nvidia Will Detail Its Next Generation GeForce Graphics Cards on August 20th

The schedule has been revealed for the annual Hot Chips 30 symposium, which is a rather lavish way of saying conference. A lot of it’s all the usual fodder, but what’s really caught our attention is the attendance of Nvidia’s Stuart Oberman, who will be there to talk about “Nvidia’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU”.

Hot Chips 30 runs from August 19th through to August 21st and Oberman is going to be presenting his talk at 11:30am local time (PST) on Monday, August 20th. On this date, if we haven’t already, we’re going to be hearing all about Nvidia’s next-gen graphics cards, rumoured to be codenamed Turing, Volta, or Ampere. Take your pick on that front.

“We will hear from the CPU and GPU giants: AMD featuring their next-gen client chip, NVIDIA with their next-gen GPU, and Intel with an interesting die-stacked CPU with iGPU plus stacked dGPU,” wrote Gary Brown, chief evangelist at Hot Chips.

In all likelihood, this means that Nvidia’s next-gen graphics card will have launched recently by the time Hot Chips 30 takes place. We’ve heard reports for some time now that Nvidia is looking to launch in July, although early August now seems the more likely prospect. By this point, we’ll finally know whether we’re dealing with the GTX 11 or the GTX 2000 series.

It’s been over two years now since Pascal launched, so we’re well overdue a new generation of GeForce graphics cards. The good news is that we finally don’t have long to wait. Assuming these GPUs are out just before Hot Chips 30, the GeForce GTX 11/2000 graphics cards will be out within the next 10 weeks or so.

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