Sonic Team Racing News – Team Sonic Racing Leaked by Walmart – Features Solo and Co-op Adventure Mode

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After yesterday’s leak, Sega has officially revealed Team Sonic Racing, the new kart racing game from Sumo Digital. All of the details from the Walmart store listing were spot on – Team Sonic Racing is an arcade competitive racing game with a single-player Adventure Mode, co-op Team Adventure Mode, and an array of online modes and tournaments.

Along with the announcement, we also got the world’s first trailer for Team Sonic Racing. To say it’s slight is an understatement. It shows Sonic and Shadow and, well, that’s about it.

Team Sonic Racing is due out later in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Original Story: 30-May-2018 – Team Sonic Racing Leaked by Walmart – Features Solo and Co-op Adventure Mode

Walmart’s been at it again. They’ve leaked the existence of Team Sonic Racing, the kart racing game that Sega has been teasing for yonks. Team Sonic Racing is listed as a Nintendo Switch game on Walmart’s site for now, but judging from Sega’s previous Sonic releases, it seems safe to assume it’ll also be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

From the looks of the store listing, Team Sonic Racing does away with all the guest Sega characters we saw in Sonic & All-Stars Racing, sticking to the tried and true Sonic cast, including such illustrious members as Sonic himself, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Dr Eggman, Amy, and, er, Big the Cat, among its 15 playable characters. It also appears as if the boat and plane racing from Transformed have bitten the dust, leaving a pure kart racer.

As seems to be the flavour of the month these days, Team Sonic Racing will have an emphasis on team racing. Players can work together and share power-ups or exchange speed boosts in an effort to control the race.

For solo players, there will be an Adventure Mode with a story that introduces players to the basic game features and characters, as well as a Team Adventure Mode for split-screen play.

For those taking the fight online, there’s full online multiplayer plus local co-op with up to 12-players per race and various online race modes such as Grand Prix, Exhibition, Time-Trial, and the aforementioned Team Adventure.

Each of the 15 characters is split into one of three unique character types (Speed, Technique, Power), with performance-enhancing vehicle customisation options and access to  14 different Wisps. These are Team Sonic Racing’s take on power-ups, offering an array of offensive and defensive abilities.

The Walmart listing for Team Sonic Racing also comes with the first batch of screenshots, although there’s no gameplay footage to speak of yet. Talking of which, we’re expecting the first trailer for Team Sonic Racing to drop at some point this afternoon.

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