News – Nexus Mods Launches Donation Points System That Pays Mod Authors Based on Total Downloads

In the absence of paid mods, and the burning pitchforks those much-derided words usually dredge up, Nexus Mods has kicked off a rather neat new Donation Points system. Nexus Mods says it will be fronting up $100,000 of its own cash over the next 12 months, and it will be divvying this cash out to mod creators based on the number of Donation Points they earn.

Under this system, mod authors will receive a portion of the Donation Points allocated for the month based on the number of downloads their mods have received. 1000 DP amounts to $1, and the authors are free to take this as straight up PayPal payment; share it with other users on the site; donate it to other authors, or donate their DP to a number of officially supported charities.

“In the first couple of months the money we donate into the pool will be lower than what we hope to donate each month,” explains Nexus Mods’ Dark One. “This is because we know it will take time for word to get out and we’d like to give all mod authors a good opportunity to gain from this system, rather than chucking a load of money into a big explosive opening only for a limited number of authors to benefit from it. However, I’ve set aside a budget of $100,000 from Nexus Mod’s own funds over the next 12 months to this system. Our gesture of thanks from Nexus Mods, and the users of Nexus Mods, to all the mod authors who use our site and share their work freely with the internet.

“Looking forward, we would also like to introduce a crowdfunding mechanism that will allow users of the site to donate to the monthly pool and top up what Nexus Mods is already paying in each month.”

Up until now, users have been able to send donations to mod authors on Nexus Mods, although it’s unknown just how much money actually ends up being donated. Under this new system, at least $100,000 is guaranteed to go into mod creators’ hands during the next year, which sounds like a really nice tip of the hat to content creators from Nexus Mods.

The one minor downside to the new system is that, as a result of the implementation of the DP system, all Nexus Mods downloads now require an account to download. Smaller files were available as a guest download, but user accounts are required in order to crack down on anyone looking to game the system.

What do you make of this rather generous offer from Nexus Mods? Is this the right way to go about payment for mod creators, or is there still a place for paid mods?


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