No Mans Sky News – No Man’s Sky Next Trailer Drops – Showcases Multiplayer, 3rd Person, Custom Ship Building

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Hello Games have dropped a brand spanking new trailer for No Man’s Sky Next, the latest chapter in the turbulent story that is No Man’s Sky. They call it Next of course, but it’s actually more akin to what we’d been hoping for at launch. It’s taken two years but they’ve finally got there though, and next week the free Next update rolls out with multiplayer support, unlimited base building, command freights, a visual overhaul, third-person mode, and plenty more.

The new multiplayer mode for No Man’s Sky allows for a small group of players to team up and explore the universe together. They can help each other to stay alive, or they can hunt down other players to steal their loot. Shelters and complex colonies can be built and share amongst a team, and players can also take to the skies for dogfights and space battles. Back down on terra firma, there’s the ability to race exocraft, create racetracks and share the best routes online.

For those looking to take their multiplayer sessions a step further, command freights are now at players’ fingertips. A fleet of frigates can be assembled and commanded from the bridge. They can be sent out on missions or overseen by the players themselves, capped off by a capital ship that can be custom-built in the same manner as the base building. On the bridge, the Galactic Commision station will doll out challenging multiplayer missions.

Visually, the big change is the ability to play No Man’s Sky in both first and third-person perspective, on-foot and in a spaceship. Planets can now have rings, terrain generation has been enhanced, there’s more detail on ships, NPCs and buildings, and ground textures, water and clouds have been improved.

No Man’s Sky Next features a mightily impressive change list and finally puts an end to a two-year saga. From the sounds of things, No Man’s Sky should now be the game we were always hoping for.

No Man’s Sky Next is a free update out on July 24th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Is anybody going to be hopping back into Sean Murray’s procedurally generated universe? Or has this content update arrived too late to rescue No Man’s Sky?

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