The Elder Scrolls VI News – GD World Cup Most Anticipated Game 2018 Grand Final – Elder Scrolls 6 vs Red Dead 2

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This is it, the big one. The 2018 World Cup Final. 32 hugely anticipated games entered, 30 games took a long walk home. Just two remain, Elder Scrolls 6 vs Red Dead Redemption 2 and they are to battle it out for the most anticipated game in the world right now. As if that weren’t enough, one of you is also going to scoop up our big giveaway prize.

The winner of our competition can choose one of three prizes: a PS4 Pro, $300 Steam credit, or a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. It’s a competition for the GD community only, so the prize will only go to a GD member. This is football, Game-Debate style!

All you’ve got to do to enter the giveaway is vote for your most anticipated game in the final poll below and you will be entered into our giveaway draw. Every vote you have cast during the world cup will give you an entry into this massive giveaway, and a winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the GD Gaming World Cup 2018. Nice and simple.

VOTE BELOW in all the polls for a chance to WIN one of:

A PS4 Pro $300 Steam credit  A GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

It’s a competition for the GD community only, so the prize will only go to a GD member.

All you’ve got to do is login and cast your votes. Good luck!

Vote in the final poll at the bottom of the article for your last chance to enter the huge giveaway competition.

GD Gaming World Cup 2018 Rules

Just to help you keep track of it all, the full spreadsheet of tables, fixtures and videogames can be viewed via the link below:

Gaming World Cup 2018 Tables, Fixtures and Results

Semi-Finals Day 1 Results

Red Dead 2 [ 4 – 1 ] Hitman 2

Semi-Finals Day 2 Results

Elder Scrolls 6 [ 4 – 1 ] Starfield

World Cup Final Fixture

The Elder Scrolls VI vs Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a tough matchup. Both of these anticipated games are likely to be brilliant. Your future self will probably grab a copy of at least one of these games and be thoroughly enjoying the massive open world they offer to gamers.

The original Red Dead sold over 15 million copies and its expected that Red Dead 2 will do similar or better, especially as it is opened up to the PC market. As for the Elder Scrolls series, well that collectively sold over 50 million copies, with Skyrim, the latest in the series selling nearly half of that total number.

It’s game on – get your votes in below. For every 50 votes a game gets, it scores a goal. In the event of a draw, it will go to a penalty shootout.

The winner of this poll will be considered Game-Debate community’s most anticipated game of 2018. Nice and simple. It’s the game we are most looking forward to.

So our most anticipated computer game in 2018 is Red Dead Redemption 2 or our most anticipated game of 2018 is The Elder Scrolls 6. Only one of those will be the game which most gamers have on their wish list and are most looking forward to it.

But aside from that we now also have a nice big list of anticipated games, put in some kind of order of preference by gamers, which should stimulate our gaming anticipations for the coming year or two. Basically a bunch of great games to add to our game wish lists and keep an eye on.

This is a blind vote, the final’s results will be revealed tomorrow!

Our Favorite Comments


“I Need to tie people infront of a train muahahahahah DIEso yep Red Dead”



“The Elder Scrolls VI is my Croatia. XDLuck is not my strong point but I hope I’ll win. 🙂 Thanks GD.”

DranoSembrano14 –

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