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A new Darksiders 3 gameplay video has been put up by the guys over at IGN. It was only a few days ago that the late November 2018 PC release date was confirmed and now we have some live gameplay footage to feast our eyes on.

We get to watch as Fury whips her way through the evil denizens that are plaguing earth. The Darksiders 3 gameplay begins in an underground tube station and even in her first encounter Fury is nearly taken out, but is able to finish off her adversary and then regain a bunch of health. It certainly seems to be the fast paced Darksiders 2 style gameplay as opposed to the slower more Zelda-esque of the first game. Fury has to flip backwards and forwards to dodge the enemies lunge attacks.

A little later Fury encounters some passageways in a cave that are blocked to her by dense spider webs. Around 6:40mins Fury finds a scarab like creature in a tunnel system. Instead of attacking her she draws it into her hand. Then runs back to another cave where there is some lava on the floor. Fury throws the creature at a wall and it scurries off to eat the nearby lava. This charges the creatures up, Fury picks the creature up again and throws it at a wall of cobwebs, which explodes, opening the pathway.

They finish with an end of level boss fight, so jump to around 7:30mins if you want to see how that unfolds for Fury. In Darksiders 3, Fury will use her whip to lasso sections of the environment to then swing between otherwise unreachable areas. So the player will always have to be on the lookout for jutting out bits of scenery.

At this point, Darksiders 3 doesnt look like its going to tax any modern PC hardware, but we will reserve comprehensive judgement until closer to that November launch date.

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